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How to install patch manually?

[Info!] Since patch 4.2 the MPQ patches update the game from any version to the version of the patch you're installing. But if, for whatever reason, you want to install a patch released prior to 4.2, you need to install all the patches one by one.

Installing .MPQ patches:
1. Download the patch you need. (MPQ patches are stored in the Updates folder and have a name similar to this: 'wow-0-15595-Win-final.MPQ')

2. Copy the file to your World of Warcraft folder. (You can save the file there when downloading)

3. Rename the file to wow-patch.MPQ

4. Run Blizzard Updater.exe - Blizzard if you're on a Mac
(Right click and Run as administrator in Win7 or Vista)

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